Paints, Stamps, Thread and a Canvas Bag

Handmade mini canvas tote with only 2 minutes of sewing.  I love how paper looks when you sew on it onto any project. Watercolor paper is nice and thick and can take just about any thread you use on it.  Painting the canvas with some acrylic paint gives the fabric a little stiffness.  I took a large sponge brush (about 4" wide, the ones with the beveled edge).  I the held the brush on its side, pouring acrylic paint directly onto the sponge.  Then I took a paint brush to even out the paint on the sponge.  To take the brightness down a bit on the pink, I sprayed Walnut Ink onto a scrap surface and picked it up with a sponge.  Also stamped is the 1) Vintage Paris Eiffel Tower, 2) the oval (from Create a Cameo Stamp Set), 3) "Paris" text stamp from Fashion Tickets Set, 4) Damask background in the middle and our 5) Folk Vase Accent Rubber Stamp onto the pink canvas background.  Acrylic dries so quickly, especially on untreated canvas so I was able to stamp right after painting.

After stamping our French Perfume Label Rubber Stamp onto the paper with VersaFine black ink, I simply attached the paper with a basic straight stitch onto the canvas with a sewing machine.

The little yellow accent piece underneath the pink ribbon is our Fleur Motif Rubber Stamp on shrink plastic.  I colored in the stamped image before shrinking with a heat gun, the colors are more concentrated when they shrink.

I've always wanted to A) sew paper to fabric and B) make my own little tote (measures, 6.5" x 5" when complete) and C) use paint and ink in the same project! The hardest part of this project was deciding which stamps to use and the centerpiece and backgrounds.

Acrylic Paint Stamping

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